Hey, I'm Beth!

I am the founder and owner of Plastic Freedom and I absolutely LOVE what I do but really it is all thanks to each and every one of you who are making plastic free choices and choosing to shop with me!

I am very active on instagram @plasticfreedom_ so you can follow behind the scenes of Plastic Freedom, my life and of course my two whippets Smufie & Roo!


AGE: 28

TOWN: I live in Southport, UK by the beach in a bungalow with my two whippets! I bought my house in 2016 and love living with only things that 'spark joy' when I come home! I feel like my home is a holiday home that I get to enjoy every day!

PREVIOUS JOB: Marketing Manager for my family's bike company, Leisure Lakes Bikes - I ran the website, SEO, Marketing , social media, events and everything else you could think of (your list is endless when working for a family company)!

FAVOURITE PLASTIC FREE PRODUCTS: It has to be Beauty Kubes, Wild Sage Brocolli conditioner, Zao Volume Mascara, White Rabbit Moisturisers, Plastic Freedom Chilly's Bottle and Elephant Box Lunchboxes!

HOBBIES: Snowboarding, surfing (when I can get near the sea), riding my bike everywhere, walking my pups and if my knee still allowed me to; wakeboarding!


FAVE ICE CREAM: Strawberry - always!

Natwest's Entrepreneur 


I had a pretty damn exciting email before saying I have made it as FINALIST for Natwest's Entrepreneur For Good 2019 Award! .

There are 7 other amazing humans and companies in the North West that have made it as finalists for this category which is amazing to see so many people using their business for so much good in the world!

Also on the shortlist for the Natwest START-UP ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR is one of my FAVE brands, the one and only @lucyandyak so we will be cheering them on for the night!

Honestly even being nominated by one of my customers made me so happy to even be considered a finalist for this category out of the 100's that entered is a HUGE achievement for me!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to every single one of you, at the end of the day I would not be living my dream to rid the world of as much plastic as possible if each and every one of you weren't making changes! I get SO many messages daily from so many of you who really do give a damn and together we are making a difference. All of your messages make me keep pushing and knowing so many of you back what I'm doing fills me with sunshine each and every day!

Always remember the power we have as individuals to make a change for good in this world!

P.s this is probably the most straight faced you will ever see me but I had to be slightly ‘profesh’ for once 😂

Why I went Plastic Free

When I started to notice how much plastic was used in every day life I really started to hate that I was 'forced' into buying it. I guess it was at this moment that Plastic Freedom began, not that I even knew it then. It took me a couple of weeks really evaluating what plastic products I was buying so that I could start to eliminate it once and for all! 

It was a cold weekend in March 2017 that I made my first plastic free choice to never ever buy a plastic bottle again! Making that first step really kick started my plastic free journey and I couldn't be happier with my life right now! 

Purchasing plastic free food means everything is fresh, healthy and so much cheaper (contrary to what people think!) and buying plastic free products has really changed my outlook on waste. How much had I been spending on stuff that didn't really last that long? How much plastic trash was being thrown/recycled which lasts longer than I even bear to think about?

I just knew I had to share my journey in hope that even one person would see it and want to make a change too. This is where the magic really began for me... seeing SO many people actually listen, reach out to me, take notice the plastic problem and start to make changes to cut out plastic from their lives blew me away!

It dawned on me that if I could give people alternatives to products they already buy, that were made by people with the same belief, a good price and produce zero plastic waste then just think about how much plastic would never be bought again!

How Plastic Freedom Began

When I first thought about cutting down plastic use in my life, I looked around and lost count of the amount of plastic items surrounding me. The dream to live plastic free seemed daunting and unachievable, but if you take it one step at a time you can change your habits, your lifestyle and be one step closer to... PLASTIC FREEDOM!


I'm 28, live in the seaside town of Southport UK and have a love for adventure, nature and my whippet! I really believe that one person can make a difference and cutting out plastic from your life will make you happier, healthier and motivated to make a change.

I decided to make my own plastic free online store and PLASTIC FREEDOM was born!

My aim is to bring the products I use and love on a daily basis, to one online plastic free place to make it your one stop zero waste shop where you can get personal advice from myself from products I really do love!


Gone are the days of scouring the internet for plastic free products that then arrive in plastic - you will not receive ANY plastic packaging in any Plastic Freedom orders! 

So take a look, enjoy and for all my tips plus the inside scoop, check out my instagram @plasticfreedom_


© 2018 by Beth Noy - Plastic Freedom

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