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The BEST Oil Cleanser

I'm often asked what my favourite plastic free swap has been and this combination to remove my makeup has been by far one of the best! I now save a lot of waste in my daily routine and my skin has never felt better!

Ditching the chemical filled makeup wipes which are designed for single use, and come in a plastic packet also will reduce so much waste over your lifetime. Your skin will also thank you! I have had a lot of friends also switch to this oil cleanser and they all rave about it too!

I have both types in stock for dry and oily skin so you can choose the one that's right for you...

Dry Skin - Even if your face feels dry, your skin still secretes oil and this remains on your face. As you use this cleansing oil it will dissolve all of this dirty oil on your face and replenishing it with clean, nourishing oil.

Prone to breakouts - This oil cleanser will not strip your skin of it sebum because it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals. When you strip your skin of its sebum, it goes into overdrive, trying to create more which leads to clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads!

From always using makeup wipes and having terrible skin, this has transformed my routine and my face! Packed with natural and amazing ingredients it pulls off your 'make up face' and gives your 'normal' face an absolute treat!

1) Wet face with warm water
2) Take a tea spoon of oil and massage into face for 2 minutes in an upwards circular motion (I don't always do this for two mins!)
3) Wet washcloth and wipe face
4) Wash the cloth with a natural bar soap to remove most of the oil which prolongs use between washes
5) Follow with toner and night cream

Struggling with shampoo bars?

You NEED to try Beauty Kubes! These have completely changed my hair and combining with the Wild Sage liquid conditioner, you will feel like you're worth it once again!

Each box of Beauty Kubes is packed with natural, hair loving ingredients and gentle, biodegradable cleansing agents. .

Inside the box, there is 27 perfectly formed Kubes; 1 cube = 1 wash so if you only wash your hair a couple of times a week these will last a long time!

This formula features biodegradable cleansing agents that are Ecocert approved, sulphate free, synthetic fragrance free, synthetic preservative free. They will cleanse the hair and scalp deep-down while remaining gentle on the scalp.

1) Take 1 cube into the bath or shower, crumble the dry cube into the palm of your hand & add a little water to make a paste
2) Smooth the mixture over your hair
3) Add more water and massage into hair to create a luxurious lather.

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