"I want people to know that you don’t have to be 'perfect', you just do what you can and that’s enough."

She’s the founder of Plastic Freedom, an online shop that stocks plastic-free, vegan and natural alternatives. And she doesn’t own a bin! Yep, she’s our hero. Warning: she will chase you down the street if you drop litter...

"Meet the woman who’s declared war on plastic"

We met Beth Noy, the founder of Plastic Freedom, an online shop collating the best plastic-free brands around. She's got some brilliant advice for us all.


On this episode find out how Beth Noy set up Plastic Freedom an amazing site full of plastic free options. Find out how she quit her job to set it up, how she gets around supply issues when they include plastic packaging, her favourite items and how she plants a tree for every order!

"25 of our favourite sustainable brands"

Founded in 2018 by Beth Noy, Plastic Freedom is less a brand and more a sprawling destination for plastic-free products, from beauty and clothing to office essentials and homewares. 


After trying to go plastic-free, and struggling to find products that were totally free from plastic, Beth Noy decided to take things into her own hands. It was then, that Plastic Freedom, a totally plastic-free online store, was founded. We caught up with Beth to find out how she became inspired, and how she built the business on her own from the ground up.

"Five ways to reduce plastic in the bathrooM"

“A bamboo toothbrush is the first swap I always suggest,” says Beth Noy, who founded the online shop Plastic Freedom in frustration at the lack of easily available alternatives to everyday plastic items.

"Ways to make your morning routine eco-friendly"

Plastic Freedom is an online shop that sells everything from vegan make-up to biodegradable plasters. We asked the founder, Beth, for her advice: “I start my day by using a charcoal toothpaste in a glass jar, a bamboo toothbrush and a face scrub with upcycled coffee grinds from cafes in London.


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