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Bye Bye Plastic Bottles

The biggest (and easiest) change you can make RIGHT NOW that will save you money in the long run is to stop buying drinks in plastic bottles. You may be thinking, but what if I want a drink when I’m out? The answer: be prepared before you leave the house and if you do forget, buy a can instead!

Tip – Invest in a reusable bottle – don’t be tempted by a plastic one because of the price tag, go titanium and it will last years, it’s easy to clean and they look amazing!

Got a pup? Get yourself a little titanium mug and he can join you!


If like myself you won’t touch tap water with all the nasty chemicals lurking around in there, instead of buying bottled water, get yourself a Brita filter (or any other brand) and fill up your new bottle!

This may seem like a big expense right off the mark but it really is worth it and one of the best ways you can cut down your plastic use instantly, plus it will save you money in the long run!

Tip: The range have recycle boxes for Brita filters and they send them back to Brita!


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