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Natural Shampoo Bars - Top Tips to Natural Victory

Updated: May 19, 2018

So you've made the decision that you've had enough of nasty chemicals and you want to switch to all natural shampoo and conditioner bars. For some of you this will be a super easy transition but for some (I speak from experience) this will be a struggle but don't worry I am here for a shoulder to cry on when you're ready to pull your hair out. Here's why...

The Transition Period

(this is my hair in a sticky state - can't tell right!)

You will have heard people say, "when switching to an all natural shampoo bar you need to give your hair time to adjust" and this really does vary for everyone. Some people it will be a week, some a month and some up to two months. But if you are determined to cut out SLS and Parabens (read more about those here) from your life then prove to yourself you can do this!

So what does this actually mean? Because of the synthetic chemicals in traditional shampoos, your natural oils are stripped from your hair and replaced with manufactured

oils and waxes. These make your hair feel nice but it stops your body from producing it's own wonderful oils that of course do the job a lot better!

When you first switch to using natural shampoo you will have a build up of chemicals in your hair from using your previous shampoos and your body needs to start producing it's own again, hence the 'transition period'.

During this time you can experience:

  • Sticky/oily hair

  • Thick sticky stuff coming off in your hairbrush

  • Hair sticking together and looking straw like

DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF! Trust me, keep on reading before you make up your mind.

How to have a smooth transition

Oh my gosh I wish I had researched ways to help with this transition period before starting to use natural shampoo. Don't get me wrong, it's not THAT bad, my hair still looked nice and everyone I got to feel it said they couldn't tell there was anything wrong with it until I said, but I love my hair so this was a bit of a struggle for me.

However after a month in I discovered some top tips online and my hair is nearly back to it's silky smooth ways again and I couldn't be happier! So here is goes...

Get Prepared

  • If you are committed make sure you remove all 'normal' shampoos from your house or you will be tempted to use them and it will start the process again (yes I did this)

  • Do NOT use 'normal' conditioner when using an all natural shampoo bar (yes I did this too!) - get stocked up with a natural one - I have shampoo and conditioner bars available here

  • Buy some apple cider vinegar - Plastic free from any supermarket

  • Buy some baking powder -Plastic free from Plastic Free Pantry UK

When you start to use your shampoo and conditioner bars:

  1. The first time you wash your hair you want to use a baking soda mix to unclog the pours on your scalp so it can produce it's natural oils. Jut put a few teaspoons in a big glass bottle or jug with water and pour over your hair rubbing in

  2. Use your shampoo bar and conditioner bar as normal - see how it feels after it's dried

  3. Sticky hair? Next time you wash your hair use a vinegar rinse (4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 8 parts water)

  4. Use your shampoo bar & vinegar rinse (this works as conditioner)

  5. Make sure you brush your hair twice a day to encourage the natural oils from your scalp to make their way down to your ends

  6. Make up a vinegar mix in a glass spray bottle and keep in your shower, then every week spray this on your hair after shampooing, rinse and dry your hair

  7. Only use a conditioner bar on your ends if needed

Your hair will start to feel silky smooth soon enough and you will be SO glad you made the transition!

If you have short hair you should find this whole process a walk in the park and longer hair will find you may need to stock up on a lot of vinegar.

I now find that I don't even need to use conditioner anymore and I just use vinegar spray once a week!

If you have ANY questions or tips you've found worked yourself please reach out to me!

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