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Plastic Free Bali - Travel Guide & Tips

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

It's been a couple of weeks since returning from Bali and I've finally got a minute to write up about the whole trip as I know a lot of you want to know where we went and what we did!

I have also written a blog for my PLASTIC FREE TRAVEL CHECKLIST so make sure you check that out if you're looking for plastic free travel tips in general as I'll be keeping this blog specific to Bali!

PLASTIC FREE BALI TIPS When travelling in Bali there was a few things that will help you travel plastic free with ease:

  • Make sure you ask for no straw when you order your drink - make sure you have your own straw out ready to show them when you order and they will understand right away!

  • Keep a lunchbox with you at all times for take always and any leftovers after a meal - believe me the food is AMAZING over there so you will always order too much and have stuff left

  • When arranging trips with tour companies make sure you specify you don't want anything plastic - if they provide lunch/water on the trip tell them you would like it plastic free and they will happily do this for you!

  • Make sure you ask for NO BAG everywhere as fruit/veg stalls and markets will always try and give you one

  • Check with your accommodation before booking if they have drinking water available in the barrels that you can refill your own bottles!


The whole reason I wanted to arrange a trip like this was to bring people together for an amazing adventure and show everyone how easy it really was to travel plastic free!

To visit a country which is renowned for it's plastic pollution and see how we could travel in a positive way without leaving waste behind was a daunting thought but even looking back now it was a lot easier than I imagined, yes we had a few mishaps but as a group I'm so proud of how we did.

Bali has always been on my bucket list and originally the trip was going to be very different; an all girls surf and plastic free adventure! But after a lot of people dropped out we ended up with a small group of us that were all connected through me, but noone knew each other, which was SO much fun and I'm glad it worked out the way it did!

When travelling it is VERY rare that I ever stay in once place for the entire time, I love moving around and finding new places as the holiday feels so much longer and I always find the places you thought you were going to love the most can move further down your list as you discover new places!

So here is a full run down of our trip and what I thought of each place...


After a 16 hour flight and a 2 HOUR wait in Bali airport to get through customs (be prepared for this) we were in a bit of a daze when we finally got out of the airport! We booked a taxi with KLOOK which was about £11 to take us to our Air B&B in Canggu. It's only about 30 minutes away but with traffic this will easily take you an hour!

Canggu is a lot more spread out than I was expecting so you can't easily just walk down to the beachfront. We relied on taxis whilst there as they were cheap, the drivers know the back roads and you get to see more of the area whilst on your way around! The roads were crazy with scooters which we didn't want to risk (if you follow me on instagram you know why I was cautious of scooters haha)!


  • Eating - Be prepared to go to Veggi and Vegan heaven! There are endless places to get a full feast of amazing food in the perfert boho setting

  • Shopping - There are so many shops that will make you want to re-do your entire house plus loads of eco swimwear shops and clothing shops with locally made bags - if only you could get it all home!

  • Temples - We went to visit Tanuh Lot which was cool to see but more people there than you ever see in photos!

  • Sunset Beach Bars - We loved sitting by the beach and

  • Surfing - We only managed 45 minutes of our lesson because we were so hungover but the surf is awesome for beginners!


Our Air B&B - There is loads in the area but the villa we stayed in was next level amazing

La Brisa - Amazing beach bar you will not want to leave - they do great food too!

Old Mans - Dance the night away and head over the road to check out a local DJ in the carpark if he's around!

La Laguna - One of my fave places with so many cool seating areas and an awesome view of the sunset!

Peloton Supershop - plant based heaven with free drinking water not in plastic and the tastiest menu for every meal!

  • Milk & Madu - the best place to grab a bargain meal (not like it's expensive in Bali anyway) and such good breakfast too!

  • Milu by Nook - The most stunning place and great food!


After three nights in Canggu it was time to head to Ubud - the next air b&b we were staying with arranged the transport and they picked us up in the morning. I loved the drive to Ubud and arriving there took my breath away, it now has a place in my heart as one of my favourite places so far!

There are sunken temples, endless rice fields and monkeys everywhere! Every single side street and door way you look down is magical and there is just so much to see and do! This was our main base of all of the activities we had planned...


This is a MUST do in Bali, it will take your breath away with it's beauty and because it's bloody hard work climbing up! We asked for a plastic free breakfast and that's exactly what we got :) Our tour guide took us away from the main crowds and we watched the sunrise alone on the craters edge before walking down to visit the monkeys and back down to the bottom.

We then visited the hot springs for 9am cocktails and to soak our sore bodies from the climb!


This was another incredible trip to do, starting at the top of the volcano we rode for about 3 hours down winding singletrack through rice fields, local farms and homes so we got to see so many places we wouldn't have otherwise seen!

Here was where we saw the most rubbish with locals just throwing it on the floor. There were parts of the trail where we were literally just riding on rubbish which broke my heart. I asked the guide about it and he said that every month the whole village do a clean of the local area which was great but surely it's easier not to throw it in the first place?!


We did a 2 hour drive to get to Aling Aling Waterfalls but they were so worth it! You pay a guide to take you down when you get there and you begin the short walk to the main large waterfall which is beautiful!

Then the fun begins as there is places to slide down waterfalls and 3 large cliff jumps! The water is super clear, refreshing and it is such a fun day out!


Okay so the actual name of these islands are Nusa Penida but the next few days spent there caused the re-naming to death island! These islands are truly beautiful but they are dangerous to get to and the health and safety as some of the spots are not great so be warned!


One of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen but also the most dangerous walk down! We didn't make it to the bottom as the climb down was so insane we couldn't believe people had made it down. It was only when we returned home that we read not everyone did. Be cautious if you visit that you will need to take the walk down SLOWLY and only if you are comfortable with hiking and heights!


We got a boat from Nusa Lemongan where we were staying over to Nusa Penida and rented scooters for about £3 for the day. It was amazing riding around the island and seeing so many amazing views as we drove but the roads were crazy; they go from full tarmac to stone tracks with dust, loose stones and pot holes with no warning!

This is where the holiday pretty much ended for me as I crashed the scooter me and tilly were on! The wheel just skidded on the dusty track and even though we were going super slow, I ended up with a lot of cuts all over my body as well as a huge hole out of my ankle.

This meant a trip to the hospital multiple times and a LOT of pain for the final few days! 7 weeks on and I have only just healed after getting an ankle infection and Tilly is in physio from hurting her knee! the moral of the story is to not rent scooters.

We then had 3 people down with sunstroke and 2 of us injured so with that in mind the last few days were just resting!

Overall I loved Bali and I WILL be going back! The plastic situation over there is definitely improving with the information about how plastic is harming the environment growing so I think the best thing we can all do when we visit these places is show that plastic free is in high demand. If a country relies on tourism and tourists want plastic free travel then they will change to adapt to this!

If you got this far then thank you for reading and any questions just comment in the box below!

Beth :) x


© 2018 by Beth Noy - Plastic Freedom

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