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Where My Plastic Free Journey Began

It’s only really become apparent to me in the last 18 months how out of hand the plastic situation is getting on our planet. With plastic being used and discarded in the same day, hours and even minutes after purchase, and most of the time it not being properly recycled, this planet we call home is slowly dying around us, and it’s us that are killing it.

I remember learning about plastic at school, being shown what an amazing material it is as you can recycle, re-mold and re-use again and again to fulfill different uses. It seems as though those properties have been discarded in sight of a cheap material that is easier and cheaper to make, rather than recycle.

I feel as though we’ve been brought up with little education about what our actions are having on the environment, wildlife and planet. Most of the people I know now have kids, or are planning on starting a family, and we really need to start looking at these problems now to make the world a better place for them.

My aim with this blog and online store is to hopefully open people’s eyes to the effect the over use of plastic really is having on our world. If I can help even one person make some simple changes in their life, which can then be passed on to others to cut down our plastic use on a day to day basis then I will be one happy little hobbit!

So join me on my journey to a plastic free life and even if it just gets you thinking about how you could change some simple things, I would love to hear your thoughts and any tips you have yourself…


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