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Plastic Free Period - The Moon Cup

So first off, if you’re a guy and you ended up on here, you may want to close this down and get on with your day as it will be more pleasant than what you’re about to read…

You may be thinking, “what the hell is a mooncup?” and I will hopefully answer all questions you have by the end of this blog. But before jumping straight into what the mooncup is (and scaring you to death) I wanted to share some of the things that came to light recently that made me finally make the leap and change to a mooncup, for that dreaded time of the month.


I was only made aware of how tampons were made recently by a friend, and I have to say I was shocked. I can’t believe in all the years of hearing that you can get TSS from a tampon, it never clicked that it must be something in the manufactoring process that can cause you to get a disease, that can kill you.

Conventional tampons have odor neutralizers, dyes, pesticides, and fragrances, which have an undisclosed mixture of chemicals that have been linked to endocrine disrupters, allergies, rashes, respiratory distress, cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility. They also contain GMOs, so if we are concerned about ingesting GMO foods, we should be equally concerned about inserting a GMO tampon—because the vaginal wall is so permeable, this allows toxins like pesticides and GMO proteins direct access to our bloodstream.

It’s not just the health risks of tampons that terrify me (I’ve been using them for 14 years now, completely oblivious!) but how much plastic from each, individually wrapped one, I throw away each month. Not to mention the plastic micro fibers that break off and make it into our oceans after use!

Knowing this I started looking into organic cotton tampons but holy hell they were expensive, so that left me with…


A Mooncup (or menstrual cup) is a reusable cup to replace disposable sanitary products.  It’s completely free from chemicals and it lasts for YEARS. That means you will save A LOT of money and save a LOT of plastic from polluting the planet.

  • FOR YOU: The healthier and convenient alternative to tampons and pads which saves you money too.

  • FOR OUR WORLD: Made to last for years, the Mooncup menstrual cup is an easy way to dramatically reduce the waste you produce.

  • FOR OUR FUTURE: Employee-owned, ethical, multi-award winning: Mooncup is changing the way things get done.

You can find out tonnes more info about the Mooncup here!


My mum has used a Mooncup for years, but from seeing it in my house as a kid I always thought, “I’m never using one of those”. 

I started thinking about trying one when cutting plastic out of my life, yes, it’s silicone, but as it lasts for 20 years so is better than anything else I am using at the moment. Then when speaking to a friend who had started using one, she said it had “changed her periods forever”, and it gave me the final nudge to get one and here is how I got on…

How the fuck am I going to get this thing in?

So after trying to fold this up a few times before doing anything, I went for ‘option 2’ in the leaflet and found it easier to insert than a tampon! Who would have thought!

It sits a lot lower than a tampon and all you have to do is trim down the ‘stalk’ so it’s not sticking out and your good to go; make sure you take it back out to trim!! 

I did two bike rides that day without even noticing I had anything in and I was loving life!

How the fuck am I going to get this thing out?

Now this is the bit that’s going to take some practice! I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get this out and the key is to break the seal, or you will feel like your womb is being sucked out!

Don’t worry though, you will ALWAYS be able to get it out! The key is to push down with your vaginal muscles (that sounds so gross, but oh my it worked a treat) until you can get a finger either side of the bottom, then squeeze it gently to break the seal and remove! Easy peasy! And you’re giving yourself a good work out at the same time! 

What do I do with it now?

Just empty it into the loo, give it a rinse in the sink and it’s as good as new! Pop it back in and you’re good to go again!

What if I need to change it while I’m out?

The beauty of the Mooncup is it holds 4 times the amount of a tampon and with no risk of TSS you can simply go about your day and change when you’re home. If you do have to change though don’t worry, take your plastic free bottle of water to the toilet with you and give it a little rinse!

MY VERDICT I LOVE my mooncup! And it’s only been 4 days! You can’t feel it at all, there is no leaks and I feel great knowing I’m doing my part to help reduce waste on our planet! 

I would urge all of my lady friends to give it a go and see what you think. The first day may be a bit intimidating but get through it and I gurantee you’ll love it and you will reduce your percentage of potential risk with tampons and pads!

Already got one? Pleeeeease let me know what you think!! 

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