I am SOOOO excited to now be stocking the amazing A Beautiful Weirdo Eco Glitter in three fabulous shades! 


This eco glitter is a fun way to glam up your day, without is costing the earth and shedding microplastics into the environment and straight into the water system.


Check out all the info below about this magical eco glitter...


Features and benefits of A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter

  • 100% plastic free
  • Naturally Biodegradable
  • 100% antimony free
  • Softer on skin than polyester glitter
  • No GMO ingredients 
  • Suitable for vegetarians / vegans and allergen free
  • Globally cosmetic compliant including EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 Cosmetic Regulations
  • Specialised regenerated cellulose derived from renewable raw materials sourced to FSC standards
  • Certified to OK Compost Home and Marine biodegradable to ASTM D6691-09 in addition to Industrial Composing Standards EN13432 and ASTM D6400. 
  • For fun that doesn't cost the Earth. 


How to apply?

A Beautiful Weird recommend using any type of natural balm to apply the glitter as unlike gel applicators that come with other glitter brands, most contain synthetics. That way you can choose something right for your skin that's plastic free and natural too!


What is A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter?

A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter is an environmentaly friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter. It has been developed to help tackle the part glitter plays in microplastic pollution. This glitter is uses plant material as its basis rather than polyester and will naturally degrade into harmless substances in the environment. 


All our products are compliant with worldwide microplastic legislation.


How does A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter work? 

Our glitter is made from a plant derived, specialised regenerated cellulose, extracted from eucalyptus grown in managed plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.


It is completely durable as a glitter on the shelf, however once the product enters the natural environment such as in soil or in water, microbes will degrade it turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. 

The speed of this decompostion depemnds on local environmental factors, but like a leaf, the glitter will degrade faster in warm, wet conditions. 

A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter - OIL SLICK

  • Get your sparkle on while still being kind to the earth! These loose glitters are perfect to sprinkle all over your body so that you can SHINE through festival season! 



    • Biodegradable plant based glitter made from patented natural eucalyptus
    • Loose glitter, apply with a natural balm like vaseline or Wild Sage Argan Balm 
    • Mix of chunky & fine sparkles 
    • Recyclable box packaging
    • 12g reusable tin
    • Cosmetic grade
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