This chopping board is from one of my favourite brands because everything is thought about; they send everything plastic free and don't use any plastic on their tags etc for anything in the range!


Made from bamboo which is a really sustainable material and hand shaped/finished with a natural food safe oil. With bamboo's naturally antibacterial properties and low moisture absorption, they are also highly practical.


Easy to care for with a quick wipe-down or soapy rinse in warm water. And if necessary the natural lustre can be rejuvenated with an all natural oil or wax.



  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash in Warm Soapy Water
  • Packaging: Swing Tag
  • Packaging: Waxed Cotton
  • Ethics: Responsibly Sourced
  • Ethics: Sustainable
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Size: 38 x 21.5 x 1 cm
  • Material: Bamboo

Artisan Serving & Chopping Board - Bambu

  • Having a handy spork in your bag will save you from using single use plastic on a LOT of occassions. Keep this in your bag wherever you go as you never know when you could need it! 

  • At the heart of the Bambu design process is an underlying philosophy to preserve the simplicity of a raw material while shaping it in a way that makes it classically modern.


    The Portland-born company is inspired by the uncomplicated beauty of the natural materials it works with, and it crafts each piece in a way that supports sustainable business practices.


    Each elegant and useful Bambu home product is proudly made in China, (bamboo’s native environment!) where the company brought a little bit of Portland to a place that is often criticized for its manufacturing processes.


    Working with a small production team, materials are sourced locally and crafted by artisans to create beautiful bamboo home goods.


    For Bambu sustainability goes well beyond the balance between what we take from the earth and what we return to it, it's a philosophy that applies to how they conduct their lives and their business. They are commited to 3rd-party certification, promoting fair labor practices and safe working conditions, and to a green supply chain. They are certified USDA Organicand have acheived a GOLD rating from Green America Certified Business, their highest standard.

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