**90% BAMBOO BRISTLES** This is a HOT product alert and something I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered... these are nearly 100% plastic free toothbrushes! 

These toothbrushes from Curanatura have approximately 90% bamboo and 10% nylon 4 bristles! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! They are a soft bristle and are perfect for a deep clean!

Nylon 4 is a BPA and phthalate free, naturally biodegradable polyamide and is widely considered as one of the most tolerable plastics from a health point of view.

By switching to bamboo toothbrushes you could save 1000's of plastic toothbrushes entering the oceans throughout your life time. Every single plastic toothbrush you've used in your life time is still on the planet and that just seems crazy to me!


Please be aware that as these aren't 100% bamboo bristles and still contain BPA-free nylon they must be removed before putting the handle in your compost bin. Tip - I save my old ones for cleaning hard to reach places in the house and only get rid when I really need to!

Bamboo Bristle Toothbrush Charcoal - Curanatura


    I was horrified when I thought about how many toothbrushes I've used in my lifetime and that they are all on this planet to this date. Just take a second and actually think about it... now you're ready to switch to bamboo! I wish I had discovered these sooner and I feel as though my teeth are cleaner, whiter and all round healthier from using a bamboo toothbrush!

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