You guys have been dying to get your hands on these handmade soap dishes since I shared the sneak peek of my friend making them and they are finally here!

Each one is slightly different to make them unique and amazing but all will allow your natural soap to try out inbetween uses whilst looking stunning in your home!



  • Ceramic
  • Hand Made
  • Swirl design to allow your natural soap to dry properly and drain any extra liquid
  • Signed by Karl on the base to give his seal of approval
  • 3 colours available

Ceramic Soap Dish Burnt Orange - On The Wonk

  • Finding a soap dish that looks awesome and holds even the most awkward shaped soap and allows it to dry out completely can be a pain. It's so important when using natural soaps that you let it dry completely between uses so it may as look stylish whilst doing so!


    I personally hate those soap tins and some dishes that seem to eat your soap so this range of soap dishes are what I use and love myself!

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