The easiest way to add prebiotic fibre to your diet.  Government guidelines suggest we need to consume 30g of fibre per day – however most of us only consume around 19g.  Only 4% of women achieve the magic 30g and a better but still not great 14% of men.


Just a spoonful a day is scientifically proven to bring lots of gut health benefits. Delicately sweet with no aftertaste – use as you would honey.  This is one of the key ingredients in Troo Granola.


Particularly suitable for people looking to add fibre to their diet; those suffering from sluggish bowel movements and if you are looking for low sugar options that do not have an impact on blood glucose levels.



  • 65% Prebiotic Fibre - One of the easiest ways of getting fibre into your diet. 7g fibre per tablespoon, essential food for your gut bacteria.

  • Delicate Sweetener with no aftertaste - Half the calories of sugar this is a healthy sweetener. Use as you would sugar or honey – up to 15g per day.

  • Plant Based – Vegan Friendly - As the name suggests, Chicory Root Fibre Syrup is completely plant based – no bees were damaged in the creation of this product!

  • Efficacy Proven - There are extensive studies showing how Chicory Root Fibre can aid gut health and help manage blood glucose levels; these claims have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

Chicory Root Fibre Syrup 227g - Eat Troo

  • Chicory Root Fibre (contains naturally occuring sugars)

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