Making the change from disposable razors and razor heads to a metal razor will dramatically cut down your plastic use throughout your lifetime. This is why I have individual razors now stocked so you can team with your favourite shaving foam, brush or soap!


If this is your first time switching to a safety razor then be prepared... to be amazed!! The quality of the shave you get with a safety razor is incredible and once you get over 'the fear' you'll wonder why you didn't switch before! 


You do not need to apply pressure when using this razor, just hold the handle in your fingertips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the closest shave and the smoothest skin. 



  • x1 Chrome Teal Razor
  • x2 Razor Blades
  • Cardboard Box



  • Made from Chrome

  • 2x complimentary blades



Included with this razor are x2 blades but you can buy replacement packs of blades on my site too! It's easy to change too:

  1. Unscrew handle
  2. Remove the top part of the razor
  3. Slot in the new blade
  4. Screw back together

tip - make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up! 

Safety Razor Teal - UpCircle

  • Since changing to a plastic-free razor I have been amazed at how easy they are to use and there is no plastic waste at all!


    That's why I'm super happy to now stock great quality shaving essentials so you don't have to trawl the internet trying to find a good one, that won't come wrapped in plastic!

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