Have you been searching high and low for plastic-free nail varnish? They don't seem to be 'thing' anywhere which is why I'm super happy to now be stocking Zao Bamboo top nail varnishes for more than just the obvious reason...


Not only does the bamboo lid cut down on a lot of plastic (the brush inside is still plastic) but this doesn't contain any toxic ingredients! Instead, it will enrich your nails in silica which is made from bamboo oil and you can use without limitation!


Organic water-based nail polishes chip and flake very easily, so Zao has devised a nail polish that delivers the quality of traditional nail polishes but without the toxic chemicals, resulting in an effective and long-lasting nail polish that does not compromise your health. 



  • Bamboo rhizome macerate: thanks to its high content of organic silica, the bamboo macerate helps to give strength to nails, making them more resistant to splitting and cracking. 



  • Although this product is not completely plastic-free, by switching the top to a bamboo lid it will reduce a lot of plastic from the overall product! They will one day soon be refillable too so you keep the brush and just replace the pot!
  • No testing on animals, neither on the finished product nor on ingredients
  • No animal-derived ingredients are used
  • Size: 8ml
  • Refillable: no



  • Dibutyl phthalate: Endocrine disruptor. Irritation of the eyes (lacrimation, conjunctivitis) and upper respiratory tract (nasopharyngitis, bronchitis possible), if ingested or inhaled: headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, hematuria, dizziness, photophobia (sensitivity to light) and nephrotoxicity)
  • Toluene: Neurotoxic. Its vapours may be irritating to the upper respiratory tract and eyes above 100 ppm. Following repeated or prolonged contact, this product has a degreasing effect on the skin. It can cause redness, peeling and cracking. Inhalation of vapours may cause central nervous system depression.
  • Formaldehyde: Carcinogen. In 2004, IARC has classified formaldehyde as a carcinogen to humans (Group 1). In Europe, it is classified as "category 3 carcinogen" (possibly carcinogenic to humans), but after a more severe proposal of France, this classification is under review.
  • Xylene: Irritating and nerve: This product causes mild eye irritation and moderate skin irritation. Inhalation of vapours may cause central nervous system depression. Exposure to vapours may cause irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Following repeated or prolonged contact, this product has a degreasing effect on the skin. It can cause redness, scaling and cracking.
  • Colophony (rosin): Irritating / respiratory disorders: Several cases of skin sensitization are also reported. The cases are isolated but quite varied: beauticians who applied depilatory waxes containing rosin, as well as artists who reacted to their stage makeup.
  • Synthetic Camphor: Irritation: eyes, upper respiratory tract if inhaled: decreased frequency of breathing, slow heart rate, worsened symptoms if inhaled in large doses.

Source: CSST - Toxicological directory service (http://www.reptox.csst.qc.ca/)

Clear Nail Varnish - Zao Makeup

  • 100% plastic-free makeup that is certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and doesn't contain synthetic chemicals is something we can only dream of. However, Zao Makeup are ticking A LOT of those boxes and it's their range of refillable bamboo makeup has really got me (and all of you) VERY excited!


    WHY? Because their range of bamboo and refillable makeup reduce A LOT of plastic waste in an area of our lives that has been impossible up until now! Even though their range is not 100% plastic-free (due to health & safety in the beauty industry) they are striving to find alternatives to plastic and fighting to change how the beauty industry work.


    It is so important for me to support brands like Zao, who despite the restrictions they are up against, they are doing everything they can possibly do right now to reduce waste, fight against animal testing and harmful chemicals. Whilst achieving all of these things they are still fighting for change in the industry and I want to be a part of that!

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