This Konjac sponge is made from konjac root - is ideal for gentle cleansing, exfoliation and massage of your skin. It moisturises and helps with its alkaline properties in acne-prone skin. In addition, the sponge is due to its naturalness and its particularly soft, gentle surface ideal for washing infants and babies.


During production, the root of the konjac plant is ground to flour. The resulting white Konjac flour is mixed with water and baked in the oven to a sponge. Incidentally, in Japan, the Konjac sponge has been used to wash the face every day for over 1500 years, while in Korea it is traditionally reserved for baby care.



  1. Simply moisten the Konjac sponge with water and massage the body and / or face in a circular motion.
  2. Like all our products, our Konjac sponge is of course water neutral, vegan & fair.

Conjac Sponge - Hydrophil

  • I was horrified when I thought about how many toothbrushes I've used in my lifetime and that they are all on this planet to this date. Just take a second and actually think about it... now you're ready to switch to bamboo! I wish I had discovered these sooner and I feel as though my teeth are cleaner, whiter and all-round healthier from using a bamboo toothbrush!

  • HYDROPHIL creates water-neutral, vegan and fair products! 


    Water neutral means to us that goods are being produced water gently: We use natural ingredients that grow without artificial irrigation, e.g. bamboo. In addition, we solely use colours that don’t contain mineral oils or other chemical additives and that therefore don’t leave any residues in the drinking- and groundwater when composted.


    We don’t want to put any unnecessary harm in the world with our actions. That’s why our products don’t contain animal products and aren’t tested on animals. All our products are fair trade because fair labour deserves a fair wage. Period!

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