I am so excited to be a stockist of these AMAZING cork sunglasses cases! After being bought a pair of wooden sunglasses for Christmas I will never go back to 'normal' ones again and the cork case to go with them is perfect for protecting your glasses to prevent damage so they last longer! So many sunglasses get scratched or damaged and end up in landfill so this case is the perfect way for protecting your glasses and giving them a longer lifespan! 


Cork Sunglasses CASE ONLY - Fresh For Pandas

  • How many pairs of sunglasses have you had over your lifetime? When the lenses scratch or the glasses break they end up in landfill which is not only wasteful, but they can potentially end up in the ocean, adding to the plastic problem on the planet.


    By thinking about everything you buy you can get something equally as stylish and practical without you eventually adding to the waste on this planet. I LOVE Fresh For Pandas bamboo sunglasses as when you're done with them, remove the lenses/pins and put the arms in your compost! The cases make sure they last even longer to ensure you get full use out of them!

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