Enjoy this Happy Troo Porridge+ with flaxseeds containing plant-based omega 3’s and warming, comforting cinnamon, further boosted with chicory inulin for added fibre!


Very high in fibre, low in sugar and packed with delicious and healthy ingredients it is a bowl of troo goodness that will fill you with natural joy and positivity you for the day ahead.


Research from the World Health Organization suggests that eating at least 30g of fibre per day could help improve your health. All of the yummy Troo products contain at least 25% of your daily fibre requirements in one portion.  They have been especially developed to contain lots of functional fibre* that helps support your gut health as well as excluding gut irritants. The perfect way to start the day or even to end it!


Troo Porridge can be made very quickly by adding hot water to just cover the oats, stirring and leaving for a few minutes to thicken up.  However for a bit of extra indulgence, this porridge can be made the traditional way with warm milk when it’s chilly and as overnight oats when it’s warm. Add in fruit; slices of banana, grated apple or chopped raspberries for extra fibre as well as extra taste!

Happy Porridge+ with Flaxseed Omega 3s & Uplifting Cinnamon 400g - Eat Troo

    • Gluten Free Porridge Oats Chicory Root Fibre (Inulin),
    • Flaxseed 7%,
    • Coconut Palm Sugar,
    • Ground Cinnamon Powder 1%
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