Who knew poo bags could be so exciting, well in my world they are just that! These compostable poo bags have been on my wishlist to stock for a LONG time but I just hadn't found a brand I could fully get behind until Fetchit got in touch!


Did you know that a lot of biodegradable poo bags are actually made of plastic and biodegradable just means they can break down into smaller pieces? Well these FETCHIT poo bars are Certified EN13432 hich means they are 100% compostable and degrade into natural elements. 



Home composting dog poo is totally fine to do an actually great for your flower beds! However if you plan on using the compost for vegetables then do not home compost your dog poo in the same bin as this is not good for humans to use to grow food.


Please note that if your pooch has worms or any other condition then you should not put it in your home compost bin. If your dog is healthy and pooping away then putting it in your compost bin can add nutrients that are great for your garden!



  • Certified EN13432 which means they are 100% compostable and degrade into natural elements. Please don’t confuse us with biodegradable plastic bags which take decades to degrade to microplastics.

  • These poo bags also have the added bonus of being suitable for home composting! 

  • They’re extra thick, split and leak proof thanks to our special star seal. 

  • Handy pack to store them in by your door so you don't forget to take them out
  • No plastic in sight!

FETCH•IT Compostable Poo Bags x60

  • Kiki designed Fetchit poo bags after being unable to find any companies that truely cared about creating a compostable poo bag to tackle the plastic problem! She's from Manchester and local to me so she dropped them off to my unit with Coco, her adorable pooch, and told me all about how they are planning to reduce packaging to make them even better in the future!


    I love companies that never stop thinking about how to make less waste as well as awesome products!

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