Frank Green bottles are here due to popular demand! I have been searching for a new reusable cup brand for a while and reluctant to stock a lot of them (for many reasons) but after discovering Frank Green I know you guys are going to love these as much as me!


Why? In as little as 15 uses, you’ll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your Frank Green.


The innovative ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer of this reusable cup is about creating a pure flavour and aroma experience. Plus, it’s triple-walled and vacuum insulated for the ultimate temperature control to keep beverages hot or cold for hours.



  • 475ml
  • 16oz
  • Perfect for a Large or Extra Large Coffee



  • Drinking hole designed for optimum liquid flow
  • Dishwasher safe lid
  • Multi-award winning, easy to use one-handed push-button or straw, spill-resistant lid
  • BPA free, FDA and EU safe materials approved
  • Revolutionary ceramic inner layer to deliver the pure flavour and aroma benefits of a ceramic cup
  • Triple-walled vacuum insulation for the ultimate temperature control and no condensation
  • No residual flavour, even when going from coffee to juice to water
  • Shatterproof base due to premium grade stainless steel outer layer
  • Fits in standard size cup holders
  • Easy to clean



  • Stainless Steel Outer - Base & Lid are both made of stainless steel
  • Ceramic Inner - This is what keeps your drink hot and tasting great!
  • Plastic Lid - a very small amount of plastic on the lid to allow you to open/close without leaking.


I chose to stock these reusable coffee cups because I can not find anywhere that has 100% plastic free coffee cup. These cups from Frank Green have a very small amount of plastic on the lid to allow you to open/close without leaking.


Most reusable cups that look like they are made from bamboo/rice husks etc. still use plastic to bind them together and until this plastic binding is made from recycled materials I think these are an awesome reusable option;  after all it's all about stopping single use plastic and paving the way for new innovations and plastic free products to become available!

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup 475ml - Blushed

  • Frank Green isn’t a person. It’s a philosophy.

    "We’re on a mission to stop the manufacturing and use of single-use items by creating innovative products that are stylish, functional and good for the environment. Designed for easy use and re-use, recyclable at the end of life, and made to fit you."

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