The range of products from The Coconut Bee will finally tick a few boxes for a lot of you who have been looking for plastic free alternatives! I discovered this brand at the @surfgirl stand who were next to us at Boardmasters and I fell in love with it! The girls then passed on my info to the founder of The Coconut Bee who is local in Cornwall!


The Gold Sands Tanning Oil is a must have for Sun Worshipers who love hydrated skin! 

Our Coconut & Carrot Seed formula is the ultimate pre-tanning oil designed to moisturise and nourish skin. Containing all-natural key ingredients for achieving that bronzed beach babe bod this little beauty is a must have for those looking for an organic alternative to high street tan enhancers. 


This product can also be used as a nourishing night time body oil! 



  • Carrot Seed Oil - Contains Vitamin A & Beta-Carotene for repairing damaged skin and alleviating fine lines. Aids skins natural tanning process.
  • Coconut Oil - Key source of essential fatty acids. Highly moiturising. Helps fight signs of premature aging & is a known tan extender.
  • Aloe Vera Extract - Promotes skin healing. Soothes & rejuvenates. Protects skin from trans-epidermal water loss.

Gold Sands Tanning Oil 100ml - The Coconut Bee

  • Hand crafted on the north coast of Cornwall in the UK. The Coconut Bee offers a unique organic range of 100% natural skin & hair care alternatives tailored for coastal living.

    'We are passionate about creating chemical free beauty alternatives with sustainably sourced ingredients. Zero harmful effects on our planet & completely cruelty free! 

    At The Coconut Bee we believe life is full of choices. We choose to create products with zero chemicals. A range not tested on animals, containing only ingredients from sustainable and fairtrade sources. One with no palm oil or microbeads that are harmful to our planet. We choose a clear conscience. Not only that, we choose a product that really works to our lifestyle, Naturally.'

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