I LOVE companies who make amazing products whilst doing something for the incredible creatures on the planet and that's exactly what Critically Endangered Socks are all about - every pair of socks purchases is helping to save critically endangered species.



  • 20% of the sale price goes towards helping the chosen chairty for this sock
  • Made from one of the most ethical and sustainable materials around, G.O.T.S certified organic cotton.
  • Comes with an endangered animal fact sheet
  • Bespoke recyclable cardboard box
  • Small = UK 4-7 or EU 37-41
  • Large = UK 8-13 or EU 42-47



These Hawksbill Turtle socks are a limited edition pair and only 1,000 have been made. These are a special partnership between Critically Endangered Socks X Oceanic Society.


Oceanic Society: We’re helping this charity fund Sea Turtle grants, from teaching communities marine conservation in Bangladesh to identifying the key habitats for Hawksbill Turtles in Sao Tome and Principe.

Hawksbill Turtle Socks Striped - Critically Endangered Socks

  • "Our story begins in Borneo, home to the world’s oldest rainforest and a plethora of critically endangered species. A decade ago, our founder Dom Desmond visited the island’s northern jungles and spotted the critically endangered Borneo orangutans in the wild for the first time. Fast-forward ten years and the once lush rainforests have fallen victim to palm oil plantations and illegal logging.


    Dom thought up a company that would go where no company had gone before - using funds from sock sales to help this NGO protect the Borneo rainforest. The idea quickly grew into a company that would support five of the world’s most endangered species. And that’s how Critically Endangered Socks was born. But it doesn’t end there. Our mission is to eventually help every critically endangered animal on the brink of survival by selling the most beautifully crafted, ethical products we can create.


    So, as our slogan states, our socks save species. We must act now if we want to rescue some of the earth’s most beautiful creatures from the brink of extinction. The simplest way to do that? By wearing your heart on your feet.

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