I am so excited to be a stockist of these AMAZING bamboo sunglasses! After being bought a pair of wooden sunglasses for Christmas I will never go back to 'normal' ones again!


Inspired by the River Kent, in Cumbria, UK, The Kendall is a dark, matte finish frame with Autumn english country side tones. An Ebony and Walnut frame, reinforced with carbon fibre for extra durability, its a premium frame unique to FreshforPandas.


The Ebony outer wood layer is naturally dark, finished with a natural wood treatment making it sweat and waterproof, the rest of the layers are carbon fibre and Walnut.


The eartips are a natural bio-acetate plastic, made from wood chippings and corn, which enables them to be adjusted behind the ears to fit.


A classically tall, geometric shape makes this ideal for rounder or oval face types, with a regular sized fit.




  • Frame Material: Walnut Wood with Carbon Fibre, Plant-based acetate ear-tips
  • Lenses Material: Polaroid
  • Brand Name: KENDALL
  • Lens Height: 51
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized,UV400,Anti-Reflective
  • Lens Width: 51



  • Microfibre cloth
  • Steel key-ring screw driver
  • Cork Case

Kendall Sunglasses - Fresh For Pandas

  • How many pairs of sunglasses have you had over your lifetime? When the lenses scratch or the glasses break they end up in landfill which is not only wasteful, but they can potentially end up in the ocean, adding to the plastic problem on the planet.


    By thinking about everything you buy you can get something equallly as stylish and practical without you eventually adding to the waste on this planet. I LOVE these bamboo sunglasses as when you're done with them, remove the lenses/pins and put the arms in your compost.

  • Bamboo is the strongest and most sustainable plant in the world! It grows so fast, up to almost 1 meter a day for the fastest, that’s it’s the perfect sustainable option for the planet.

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