This plastic free and liquid shampoo from LOR is what you have all been asking for! This shampoo has been specially designed to cleanse, strengthen and repair your locks from every day damage! Thanks to the calming scents of lavender coupled with hydrating palmarosa, strengthening patchouli and repairing sesame oil your hair will feel like it's had it's very own spa day!


All LOR's products are created using 100% natural ingredients as well as being all vegan and cruelty free!



This bottle comes with an aluminium lid and pumps are available separately here so you can buy the pump once and then just re-buy the one with the aluminium lid when it runs out (or I will have a refill option available by the time it does as it's something I'm working on with LOR).



  • Aloe vera is full of antioxidants called polyphenols; these polyphenols together with several other compounds found in Aloe Vera have been known to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Studies also suggest that it is an effective topical treatment for first and second degree burns.
  • Clary sage has been known to boost hair growth as it can stimulate the hair follicles.

  • While lavender is famous for its calming properties, it can also help treat acne and relieve burns due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is can also help relieve the symptoms of insomnia.

  • Mandarin essential oil is known for its antibacterial properties which can help to prevent infections and cleanse the skin.

  • The hydrating properties of palmarosa can assist in preventing inflammation, it has also been known to reduce excess sebum production.

  • Patchouli oil has been known to have skin regenerating properties which can reduce the appearance of scars. It has also been known to help improve hair growth and thickness.

  • Sesame oil has been known to have antibacterial properties, and can speed up the healing process, by repairing damaged skin cells.

  • Vetivert is said to help to speed up the skins healing process by promoting skin cell regeneration, so it can reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks



  • Plastic free
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Free also any parabens, sulphates, silicones and artificial fragrances.

LOR S1 Shampoo Repair & Strengthen - 250ml

    1. Massage onto wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Follow with conditioner.
    2. Keep product cool and out of direct sunlight.
    3. Avoid any contact with eyes and if any irritation does occur discontinue use.
    4. Do not swallow.
    5. This product has a shelf life of 9 months once opened.
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