I am SO excited to finally have stock of some amazing makeup brushes which come in ZERO plastic packaging! They arrived completely plastic free with me and I can assure you there will be no plastic wrap on any of them!


This vegan makeup brush set does contain nylon bristles but I am unable to find any vegan and completely plastic free makeup brushes out there so these are an amazing option as they do not come in any single use plastic packaging.


I personally would use non-animal hair makeup brushes that are made from nylon as they are designed to last for years and will not be thrown away. Make sure you wash regulary and these will be in tip top shape for a long time!



  • An 5-piece brush collection which is completely vegan (no animal hair used), with stylish aluminium and bamboo handles
  • eco-friendly bamboo handles and soft synthetic bristles, to seamlessly create stunning makeup looks by layering up blends



  • Large Brush: large head and dual-length bristles provide lightweight application 
  • Large Balm Brush: Soft, flat bristles but for better precision. 
  • Small Brush: Tapered round bristles for max product pickup and even distribution 
  • Angled Brush: Angled cut for smaller, more precise, areas around the eyes or face
  • Small Balm Brush: Short, dense bristles diffused for smaller areas such as the eye lids, or to draw more intricate patterns. 

Makeup Brush Set x5 Unicorn - EcoStardust

  • Each brush set comes plastic-free in a small natural cotton bag. These bags are printed in the UK, but sourced from China, Pakistan and India. EcoStardust choose our suppliers based on their ethical and fair trade policies and we are sure that these bags have been produced to the highest standard with the highest regards to fair trade and factory safety standards. 

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