This gorgeous 100% natural cotton Cabarita blanket is large and beautiful! It's next level - double sided with contrast colours, and a mesmerising jacquard pattern give this towel the oomph that you could just be looking for. Fringed ends and a soft hand feel tops it all off, so get ready to look awesome with your new statement towel...



  • Use as a beach towel without taking up your entire bag!
  • Fast drying and doesn't gather sand like other beach towels
  • 100% turkish cotton so no microfibers will escape whilst enjoying the beach life
  • Use as a picnic blanket, throw for colder evenings in the summer and whippet blanket!


The most lightweight Turkish towel in the collection, you'll love the Noosa towel not just for its bright and balmy colours, but also for its durability and versatility.



  • Plastic Free
  • Towel, Blanket, Throw of Scarf
  • 100% Natural Cotton - Made in Turkey
  • Size 150cm x 180cm 
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 320g
  • Made in Turkey

MAYDE Cabarita Blanket - Black

  • I've been using my turkish towel for years and it's still going strong! I take it everywhere with me and it's super packable so can fit nearly in your bag.


    I take it down to the beach all the time, throw it over a bean bag at home and I take it on all my travels as it's the perfect blanks for bbqs!


    The best thing about this turkish towel is that it's 100% cotton so there are no synthetic fibers that can shred and end up in the water system, beaches, parks and ocean.

  • I first came across Mayde because the owner actually contacted me asking for some advice on plastic free packaging for his company as he was starting a new brand.


    I gave him some places to get some awesome plasic free packaging and Martin sent me a towel which I LOVE! 


    "All our textiles are woven using the best cotton in the world and many styles are still hand loomed - a Turkish tradition spanning back hundreds of we offer everything from super lightweight towels, to rich and plush beach blankets and throws. We also offer two ranges to shop from - BEACH and HOME, which cover all your needs."

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