This Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt is what I have been searching for for a LONG time! I found it impossible to get my hands on any that came in a glass or cardboard jar without a hidden plastic bag inside so when I found these from Maters & Co I was so excited!



This Himilayan rock salt was formed from ancient water beds millions of years ago which were covered with lava during the formation of the Himalayas. This salt has been insulated from the outside world for a long time and therefore has not picked up any impurities except beneficial minerals and elements from the surrounding rock formation.


It contains the vital minerals iron, potassium and magnesium which are essential for good health.
Benefits may include digestive aid, balancing body’s pH levels, improvement of respiratory system.Can be used for cooking, bathing and detoxifying.



  • Himalayan salt contains over 75 trace minerals
  • Sprinkle into your cooking.
  • This coarse grade salt is ideal to add to your bath and take a long soak! A warm salt bath aids in drawing out toxins and deep cleanses the skin leaving you feeling energetic and revitalised.
  • Stone ground, washed and prepared
  • 100% Genuine Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Pure unpolluted without environmental impact from a time when the earth was pristine

Natural Himalayan Salt Coarse 40g - Maters & Co

  • "After seeing a steady increase of foods which are genetically modified and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, our core values, to help produce and source raw, natural products is stronger than ever. Supporting local and national producers by visiting and purchasing from them, as well as our overseas partners, helps to keep their small ethical businesses running and aiding their local environment."



    "We choose the highest quality of produce and pack them in the highest quality of packaging. We don’t cut corners in this regard. Our jars are branded with 21ct gold fired on at 580 degrees celsius. Our labels and boxes are hot foiled with gold to compliment these jars for a high quality finish and product. We feel, the produce is of the highest quality, and so the packaging should also reflect this level, quality on the inside out."

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