How crazy is it to think that 'normal' chewing gum actually contains plastic! You would never ever want to be chewing on plastic and when you stop and think about how much chewing gum you have seen in your life stuck to chairs, tables, walls and all over the floor this is pretty horrifying to think about!


However change is coming and Chewsy is the UK's first and only plant based, plastic free gum! HURRAH! All CHEWSY gums are naturally plant-based, vegan and biodegradabl as well as being free from sugar, aspartame, plastic, artificial sweeteners and flavours!


Sweetened with 100% xylitol for healthy teeth, and made with a plastic-free gum base which makes the gum biodegradable and better for the planet.



  • The UK's first and only plant-based, plastic-free gum.

  • 100% compostable, natural and vegan.

  • Unlike regular chewing gum, Chewsy is completely plastic-free and made from plants with no nasty chemicals such as aspartame, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

  • Chewsy plastic-free chewing gum is also free from sugar, sweetened with 100% xylitol for healthy teeth.

  • Chewsy is also completely biodegradable and home compostable.

  • 100% natural chewing gum, all ingredients sourced from nature.

    Weight 15g

Plastic Free Chewing Gum Spearmint - Chewsy

    • We never use artificial sweeteners or flavours. It’s natural ingredients only.
    • You will never find any nasty artificial sweeteners in our gum.
    • Our gum is naturally sweetened with xylitol to help protect your teeth.
    • Unlike regular gum, we use a plastic-free base - so we’re 100% biodegradable.
    • We never use any animal products in our gum making it suitable for vegans.
  • Xylitol (natural sweetener), chicle (natural gum base), gum arabic, natural flavour, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), carnauba wax (natural coating).

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