I can't even begin to tell you how many flip flops I've found on beaches when doing beach cleans over the years! I've found ones that have washed up, been left or lost whilst people enjoy the seaside! Flip Flops are a real pet peeve of mine for the reason that everyone seems to own a pair yet they are all made of plastic or man-made rubber which causes ocean harming petroleum pollutants to affect the environment! 


I am SO happy to have come across Waves UK plastic-free flip flops because not only are they SUPER comfy, but they are made from 100% natural Sri Lankan rubber! This means they are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% vegan and are actually made from worn or torn flip flops that are made of the same materials which is something I love! It means that a product that would otherwise have been wasted has been repurposed into something 'new' so it gets another use!



  • ENVIRONMENT - The rubber is harvested, treated and crafted into comfortable flip flops using material and processes that meet the highest compliance and leave no trace on the natural world around us. This has placed Waves among the rare few all-natural rubber flip flops in the world.
  • ETHICS - Waves are fair rubber certified so you can be sure the rubber farmers receive fair treatment and pay.
  • PROVENANCE – inspired by the magical paradise of Sri Lanka; Waves are crafted entirely from genuine Sri Lankan natural rubber grown in the fertile slopes that run parallel to the rolling hills of the island.
  • COMFORT – Not only do these plastic-free flip flops do good but they feel great! The natural rubber gives elasticity and natural spongy texture allowing them to mould to the unique curve of your feet, providing support right where you need it and providing the durability to cope with whatever adventure may come their way!

Plastic Free Flip Flops Men's Grey - Waves UK

  • Currently, around 3 billion people purchase a new set of flip flops every year. Globally, the flip flop market is worth more than $20 billion, which is higher than the sneaker market. Polyurethane foam flip flops are the primary constituent of most products and one of the most significant pollutants of the ocean.

    Here at Waves we concluded that we needed to do something. We realised that flip flop manufacturing had to get closer to the source of rubber instead of shipping it overseas from places like Sri Lanka. We also came to understand that recycled flip flops didn’t go far enough. People needed flip flops that would serve them year after year. Recycling a plastic flip flop once might only delay it entering the oceans by one year. The only solution was to use a natural compound, one that would provide many years of service and wouldn’t lead to the environmental consequences of regular polyurethane foam.

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