Primal Suds developed NO BO BARS so there’s no need for any type of “Tubage” so there’s less waste and I LOVE IT!


  • With this deodorant bar you can stay fresh in body and soul as it melts in ya pits, not in ya mits!
  • SMOO NO BO BAR is everybody’s fav SMOO smell and not only lasts for hours in your pits, its lasts for months because its well’ard.



  • Allow pit body heat and friction to allow bar to melt onto skin with a slow deep movement. You can rub on arm to “get it going” if preferred. (recommended patch test for sensitive beings)
  • FYI: Due to natural clays, hemp protein and so forth, NO BO may rub onto light clothes causing nice smelling “Pit Smut”, don’t worry it’ll wash away…as with a lot of stuff in the world of natural products…(as my mother used to say) “It’s never going to be straight forward going green.”


All vegan, all natural, contains hemp protein and all Primal.

Get ya sweat off.


Switching to natural deodorant can sometimes cause a little irritation make sure you wash off inbetween applications and use less that 'normal' deodorant!




  • All vegan

  • All natural

  • Contains hemp protein and all Primal

  • Plastic Free & Zero Waste

Primal Suds NO BO Smoo Deodorant Bar - 75g

  • Finding Andrew & Jen from Primal Suds has been awesome - to see a couple working hard to produce products they are proud of and making sure everything comes to me in ZERO plastic is amazing! Their soaps are to die for and you can be sure that there are no nasty chemicals in any of them!

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