As soon as I heard about rCUP I knew I had to stock them! This coffee cup is really affordable and gives a lot of waste a new life in the form of a reusable coffeee cup!


Each and every purchase of an rCUP funds a sustainable solution to global waste because it’s made from recycled coffee cups which are used and thrown away every single second in the UK and across the world!


The rCUP won’t leak, ever. Thanks to it's push top design you can push down, sip from any angle and pop back up to close. It means you won't have to worry about keeping your coffee cup upright again or drink through a tiny hole!


It will keeps your drink hot or cold and you can pick it up without scalding your hand.



  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leak proof
  • Designed for a 10+ years lifetime.
  • 227 ml
  • It has a height of 133 mm with, and 110 mm without the lid.
  • The diameter at the base is 64 mm and the lid has a diameter of 84 mm, so it will fit in both your car cup holder and under most coffee machines!

rCUP Recycled Coffee Cup - 8oz - White Black

  • The amount of disosible coffee cups thrown away in a single day across just the UK is absolutely mind blowing. i don't know how we can think it's okay to continue to make things that are thrown away so quickly, and can't be recycled.


    You may think that a coffee cup from your local coffee shop is cardboard but it's not just that; it's plastic lined. The worst thing about this is that it's really hard to separate the materials to be able to recycle it, so a staggering amount are endning up in landfill and making their way into our oceans :(


    Go reusable to save money in coffee shops & stop waste with a glass coffee cup!

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