I often wonder about kids toys and just how many plastic toys are loved for a short time and then disgarded. I know when I visit my brother & sister's house and see the vast amount of toys for just two kids it makes me think about just how many plastic toys there are across the world!


Considering plastic lasts longer than any of us, it seems madness to be piling it high when there are some awesome eco-toys out there!


These 100% PLASTIC FREE playsets from Play Press Toys are collectable, fun and can easily be recycled when they reach the end of their life (a lot of plastic toys can't be recycled)!


They also have been sourced from PEFC forests which means sustainable forest management through independent third party certification has been approved! 



  • 100% PLASTIC FREE (they delivered to me plastic free too)!
  • Recycleable
  • Sourced from PEFC forests
  • Inks are non-toxic
  • Family Run Company
  • Playsets are manufactured in England

Rescue Team Build & Play Set - Play Press Toys

£4.99 Regular Price
£3.99Sale Price

    "Inspiring imaginations through plastic-free play! We are a family run company, grown from the friendship of two best friends. Our playboard is sourced from PEFC forests, our inks are non-toxic and our playsets are manufactured in England."

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