These reusable nappies will be the best zero waste change you can make when bringing a little one onto this beautiful planet! The amount of nappies destined for landfill from one person's life is crazy and when we have such amazing reusable alternatives out there, you won't regret switching!


These newborn nappies are especially designed to be used from day one, and will last you uuntil about 5lbs to 18lbs (normally about six months).



These nappies are called pocket nappies; there’s a pocket at the back of the waterproof nappy, where you put the absorbent inserts. Each reusable nappy come with two bamboo mix inserts and you can buy extras on my site too!



When your baby is teeny tiny, you will normally only need to use one reusable bamboo insert, which should last up to four hours. Once your baby starts to grow (which is always too quick!) and you find the nappy is not lasting as long, it's time to add the other insert.


If you want you can also use a liner which sits between the nappy and baby’s bottom to catch any solid poo and keep wetness away from baby’s skin. Liners aren’t essential (especially for exclusively breastfed babies who don’t produce anything...solid…) but can be used if wanted!



  • The popper system on the front of the nappy allows the nappy to grow with your baby. Simply snap the poppers together to make the nappy smaller. As your baby grows undo them to make the nappy bigger.

  • Velcro fastening for super-quick changing and easy night time changes

  • Waterproof lining - no need for anything extra

  • Gusset which helps keeps the poop inside the nappy and helps with those poo-explosions

  • Completely free of nasties

  • Outer is made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane lining.


  • Inner is made from very soft microfleece.
  • Inserts are two layers bamboo and two layers microfibre.
  • See nappy care in the tab!

Reusable Newborn Nappy - Forest Friends - Baba & Boo



    Eve who runs Baba & Boo is an 'accidental business woman' and I love what she stands for! "Seven years on and I have stopped about 15 million disposable nappies going to landfill. I love that. Being in business, is about making a difference. It has allowed me to stay home with my children and make tonnes of memories with them. But I am so proud of the difference that Baba+Boo makes to this world and we couldn't do it without you."


    • Pre-washing before use helps increase the absorbency of your nappies. Follow the washing instructions below and repeat up to three times. You don't need to dry them between washes.

    • After use, knock any solids into the toilet (or remove the biodegradable liner if you have used one). Put the used nappy in the nappy bucket until wash day.

    • It can help to put the nappies on a cold rinse before washing as this ensures all the solids have been washed away before the washing cycle.

    • Your nappies can be washed at 60°C, although many parents find that 40°C is usually sufficient.

    • Use your usual detergent. Our nappies are designed to fit in with you, not the other way around.

    • Don't use any fabric conditioner or bleaching agents

    • Your nappies are best dried naturally, although you can put them on a low setting in the tumble dryer. Natural is best for your nappies and the planet too.

    • Do be careful if they have been near heat such as the tumble dryer or radiator and don't stuff the inserts back in straight away. The heat can weaken the elastic and cause it to snap.

    • If you do need to use barrier/nappy rash cream, ensure you use a liner.

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