The latest in the legendary Turkish towel offerings is Riverbed towel! Inspired by the clear running water we love so much whether winter or summer. These versatile towels can be used for spontaneous adventures, cookouts, an extra layer on the road, to change in, dry off after a water adventure then lay back and enjoy the warmth of the sun.


It's thicker than your standard turkish towel and feels more like a proper beach/bath towel whilst being super soft!!


It's 100% cotton so there are no plastic/synthetic fibers used and means you can travel/style up your home without risking plastic microfibers from coming off and ending up in the ocean.



  •  Large Zig Zag Handloomed Towel
  • 100% Cotton for Softness and Absorbancy
  • Woven Label on hem
  • One Size
  • 150cm x 81cm
  • Terry Back Towel
  • Made in Turkey

Riverbed Towel - Passenger Clothing

£30.00 Regular Price
£25.50Sale Price

    I've been using my turkish towel from Passenger Clothing for years and it's still going strong! I take it everywhere with me and it's super packable so can fit nearly in your bag.


    I take it down to the beach all the time, throw it over a bean bag at home and I take it on all my travels as it's the perfect blanks for bbqs!


    The best thing about this turkish towel is that it's 100% cotton so there are no synthetic fibers that can shred and end up in the water system, beaches, parks and ocean.


    "We pay attention to the smallest details and design them to transport us from the daily grinds but still usable for everyday life. Stories of escapism are woven into the fabric of our products and each design tells a different one, the smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat-stain on a favourite t-shirt. We design all our products with this in mind, hoping that another story will be made with each one. We believe that what you wear reflects who you are and that’s important to us.


    We’re inspired by stories of like-minded people and we love sharing them. That feeling found every time we tell or read an ‘oh man you should have been there’ story. Our mission is to help people escape through their own journey even it’s only for a short while. Everything we do is inspired by the desire to live a life of memorable adventures – big or small, short or long. It has never been about destinations for us but rather the journeys that lead us there and the memories we make along the way."

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