This Rose Face Mask from Farryn Amber is a detoxifying cleanse leaving you with soft, purified and radiant skin.


This Charcoal Rose Clay Mask is a lightly floral blend of mineral rich clays combined with Activated Charcoal, Green Tea Extract, Rose Petals and Wild Kelp to help hydrate, detoxify and cleanse the skin with its antimicrobial and moisturising properties.



I am a massive fan of Farryn Amber products and it currently fills a gap for products I wanted to stock on the site (I'm trying to have plastic free alternatives for everyone), so I got in touch to see if they could work with me on changing the lids of their products as they were plastic. Farryn, the founder, got straight back in touch and said she would love to order specific lids in for me so now ALL of the products I stock from Farryn Amber come with an aluminium lid instead of plastic! Whooohooo! 


For the range that have a pipette, I offer both the plastic pipette option and an aluminium lid so you can keep the pipette and reuse in any bottle that needs it, repurchasing the aluminum lid option when you have run out! 



  • A very subtle Rose Geranium fragrance which is enhanced when the powder is activated
  • Wild Kelp Extract offers superior hydration as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.
  • Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols which is a potent antioxidant and has skin-soothing properties.

  • Activated Charcoal helps to remove impurities that tend to clog pores and helps to balance our natural sebum levels and remove dead skin cells.



  • Activate powder with water to form a paste then apply to clean skin.

  • Add powder, the size of a fifty cent piece and slowly blend water to achieve desired consistency.

  • You can also add a few drops of your favourite face oil for an extra hydration boost

  • Rinse with water before mask dries.

  • Mask 1-2 times per week best results.

Rose Facial Mask 40g - Farryn Amber

  • "Born from an organic love. Our mission is to create clean eco-luxury products that feed your skin!

    Hand-blended with the highest quality organic botanical extracts to enhance your senses and revitalise your skin.

    As an eco-friendly brand we always strive to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way. Our postal packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable, while our bottles and jars can be reused in many different ways!"

  • Kaolin (White Clay), Bentonite Clay, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Seaweed, Activated Charcoal, Rose Petals, Rose Geranium Leaf Oil

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