This Seaweed & Cucumber Scrub from the Salt Parlour will give you a super cleansing boost with the addition of kelp powder, a good source of trace minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins - basically everything you need for healthy looking skin!


It has been perfectly balanced with deeply nourishing sea buckthorn and cucumber oil to give your skin a two in one treatment - a deep cleanse plus intense hydration!



  1. Use the mini wooden s spoon provided to scoop out a little of the salt scrub; massage into skin in circular motions with fingers and palms using light to moderate pressure 
  2. Leave for a couple of minutes (I like to do this whilst I do the conditioner on my hair to give it time to sink into the skin)
  3. Rinse and be ready to be amazed by your silky smooth skin!
  4. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.



  • BEST FOR: Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Psoriasis & Eczema.
  • RAW
  • 100% NATURAL



  • Kelp,

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil,

  • Cucumber Oil,

  • Dead Sea Salts,

  • Organic Sulphur.

Seaweed & Cucumber HYDRATE 200g - The Salt Parlour

Product Options
  • A good body scrub gives a super deep clean, removes the dead skin from the surface and stimulates circulation to help rejuvinate and tighten skin leaving you feeling like a new human!

  • "We believe the sea can have an incredible, positive effect on the skin so, having felt the benifits time and time again on our beach holidays, we set about recreating this feeling to tackle our own skin gripes (one of us suffers from psoriasis and the other with acne) and our Salt & Sulphur Scrubs were born. 

    Our company ethos is simple - to provide natural, vegan, cruelty free and earth friendly skincare products that give you beautifully exfoliated, happy, healthy and glowing skin without doing a drop of damage to our planet – nothing that washes down the plug hole will harm you or the earth.


    We are also passionate about packaging our products as 'plastic free' as possible - our gorgeous tins are helping to protect our seas from further harmful plastic waste and can be reused and upcycled in so many ways... plus they look pretty good on your bathroom shelf!"

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