This shallow seagrass and jute basket is made by ReSpiin who make sustainable homeware from recycled and renewable materials providing good quality employment in India and Bangladesh.


Seagrass is a highly durable, moisture-resistant and biodegradable material, making it ideal to use in the playroom, kitchen and around the home. Jute is equally as sustainable, growing fast without the need for pesticides. 



  • Makeup basket - I now keep all my makeup in a basket for easy access rather than cramming in a makeup bag and with Zao bamboo makeup, I want to show it off!
  • Fridge bowls - I store my cheese, fruit and veg in baskets in the frigde - it makes it super easy to find everything, means you can store more and your fridge looks beautiful
  • Cotton round basket - Store your reusable cotton rounds and face cloths in a basket for a cute display - if you feel fancy, get one for clean and one for dirty!
  • Jewellery basket
  • Key holder - throw all of your car keys in without the mess



  • Plastc free
  • Biodegradable
  • 6cm x 15cm diameter, approximate.
  • Wipe clean
  • Material: seagrass and jute
  • Coloured with Azo free dye

Shallow Seagrass & Jute Basket Grey Small - ReSpiin

  • By utilising materials such as Jute fibre (more commonly associated with potato sacks) and recycled wool, ReSpiin maximise the value of these humble fabrics to create beautiful things for your home.


    Jute plantations are super sustainable and good for the environment enriching the soil and absorbing large amounts of CO2.


    ReSpiin also work with innovative producers in India who make use of recycled wool to make new textiles and new products.

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