This handy cleaning brush is perfect for keeping your reusable straws nice and clean! Reusing a straw and carrying it with you will cut down on not only plastic straw waste, but waste in general in comparison to paper straws.



  • A plastic-free cleaning brush suitable for cleaning reusable straws and other house hold items.
  • The handle is high-quality 304 stainless steel
  • Ideal for cleaning drinking straws with 5mm+ diameter
  • A steel brush with VEGAN plant bristles

Straw Cleaning Brush

  • MILLIONS of straws as used and thrown away just minutes after use every single day across the world! The US alone uses 500 million straws a day.


    Most of these are thrown straight into the bin, will never be recycled and will end up in our oceans, killing the amazing creatures in it.


    If you haven't already then now is the time to make a stand that STRAWS SUCK and always #REFUSETHESTRAW. I have created a 4 pack of my own bamboo straws with a limited edition 'Plastic Freedom' laser etching on the side and a handy bag to carry them around in to make saying no to plastic even easier!

  • If you notice a bar, cafe or restaurant that you visit which still use plastic straws then make sure when you order your drink you say "please don't give me a plastic straw". I've learnt the hard way that if you don't ask at the point of ordering you will more than likely end up with one in your drink.


    If people ask why you're asking for no straw when you order then start the conversation about how bad single use plastic is. I've done this many times in the past and had such a good response!


    It's ALWAYS worth messaging the manager when you get home too to express how bad plastic straws are and how they can change one of the following:

    • Don't automatically give out straws - keep them behind the bar and only give to those who ask
    • Put a sign up about saving the ocea and #refusethestraw
    • Suggest an alternative like paper straws!


    Or just send me the place you visited and I will be more than happy to message them for you!

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