I have been searching for a sustainable and plastic free wallet for so long after my current one is falling to bits and it made me think about what would happen to it when it reaches the end of it's life. 


Introducing UNFOLD who make sustainable bags and wallets made from jacron paper and cork! These are amazing materials as leather-alternatives.


This amazing mini cardholer is ideal for those who don't like the hassle of cash and coins - minimal and compact for contactless payments on the go!


It is super lightweight with easy access and secure grip on the cards even if you only have one card in there and can be used for your travel card and bank cards as contactless can be read through the paper!  


This plastic free and vegan wallet is made from industrial grade water-resistant paper used for jeans jacrons, produced sustainably via kraft process, then washed and dyed. The woven fabrics used by Unfold are sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.



  • 10 x 7 cm

  • holds 2-6 cards

  • tight grip even with 1 card

  • 100% VEGAN - industrial grade paper textile with no leather

UNFOLD Mini Cardholder - Grey

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