This zero-waste and plastic-free lip balm from Valley Mist is a big 10g tube that will last you AGES! It now comes in a 100% vegan formula and is never tested on animals. Not only that the packaging and tube are biodegradable and look amazing! 


This pure lip balm is perfect for those that don't like an overwhelming scent/taste as it has nothing added to the blend. It will nourish and protect your lips with their amazing, all-natural ingredients.


My Pure Valley Mist lip balm is part of a natural cosmetics collection of four vegan variants, each containing organic cocoa seed butter as the foundation, with sustainably sourced organic Soy wax lovingly balanced with organic sunflower oil. You will definitely notice the gentle chocolaty scent from the high cocoa seed butter but if you're looking for something unnaturally fragrant then Valley Mist lip balm is not for you as I choose not to use overpowering chemically synthesised flavours.


  • 100% organic
  • Free from parabens & petroleum-based compounds
  • Organic cocoa seed butter, organic soy wax, Calendula infused oil, organic sunflower oil and Jojoba oil
  • Red mandarin and Frankincense essential oils
  • No added flavours or anything nasty
  • Great to rub over cuticles too to nourish your nails



Simply push up from the bottom of the tube and push back down when you're done.


Please note that due to the vegan ingredients if your lip balm gets a little too cold it can sometimes grip the side of the Ecotube with finger bending strength! If you find that your lip balm refuses to budge, just take a few moments to warm the tube between your palms or against any warm body part of the choice to facilitate a smooth and easy movement. As always in life, the best things sometimes take just a little more time and effort to achieve but they are always worth it.

VEGAN Pure Lip Balm 10g - Valley Mist

  • If you're looking for an amazing lip balm that's plastic-free and want a classic stick design, rather than a metal tub, then look no further than Valley Mist! Their lip balms are amazing and leave your lips feeling super smooth, silky and best thing - the packaging can go in your compost bin when you're done! :)

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