This zero waste and plastic free lip balm from Valley Mist is a big 10g tube that will last you AGES! It now comes in a 100% vegan formula and is never tested on animals. Not only that the packaging and tube are biodegradable and look amazing! 


My Pure Valley Mist lip balm is part of a natural cosmetics collection of four vegan variants, each containing organic cocoa seed butter as the foundation, with sustainable sourced organic Soy wax lovingly balanced with organic sunflower oil. You will definitely notice the gentle chocolaty scent from the high cocoa seed butter but if you're looking for something unnaturally fragrant then Valley Mist lip balm is not for you as I choose not to use overpowering chemically sythesised flavors.


  • 100% organic
  • Free from parabens & petroleum based compounds
  • Organic cocoa seed butter, organic soy wax, calendula infused oil, organic sunflower oil
  • No added flavors or anything nasty
  • Great to rub over cuticles too to nourish your nails



Simply push up from the bottom of the tube and push back down when you're done.


Please note that due to the vegan ingredients if your lip balm gets a little too cold it can sometimes grip the side of the Ecotube with finger bending strength! If you find that your lip balm refuses to budge, just take a few moments to warm the tube between your palms or against any warm body part of choice to facilitate a smooth and easy movement. As always in life, the best things sometimes take just a little more time and effort to achieve but they are always worth it.

VEGAN Restore Lip Balm 10g - Valley Mist


    If you're looking for an amazing lip balm that's plastic free and want a classic stick design, rather than a metal tub, then look no further than Valley Mist! Their lip balms are amazing and leave your lips feeling super smooth, silky and best thing - the packaging can go in your compost bin when you're done! :)


    "Here at Valley Mist skin care, we feel that we've created the ultimate lip balm that is gentle, nourishing and all natural. A large part of that natural content is our organic  beeswax.

    Honey bees happily produce a number of wonderful natural substances .. honey from nectar and propolis from resinous tree buds, as well as the all important wax. Beeswax is secreted by worker bees and is actually clear when first produced, only becoming opaque when it is processed in the hive for construction. The beneficial properties of beehive products are well known and these properties cannot be synthesised.

    Our own beloved British Bees are lucky to have a hive situated in a most idyllic location, a beautiful English nature reserve surrounded by diverse flora for foraging. Nestled on a hillside sheltered by Hawthorne and Hazel trees which looks out onto an open valley with a river running through it, the only thing that disturbs the hive's activities is the odd inquisitive Jacobs sheep.  Our Bees are pretty much left to live as nature intended, with minimal interference from us - after all bee 'keepers' mainly just interfere with and hamper normal hive activities!  During the Winter months we always make sure that their stores of honey and packed pollen are ample (bees store pollen as well as honey, this is their protein) and we only liberate the odd frame for ourselves in the Spring after the bees have eaten what they need to get them through the Winter. That's why they work so hard to store it all Summer after all, not for our benefit! It is common for bee keepers and particularly commercial bee keepers to remove all of the honey and feed a colony cheap refined sugar to get them through the Winter.  It's just not natural, and in our opinion surely can't be good or them.

    The plan for the beeswax in our lip balms was originally to use wax produced by our own hard working girls (all worker bees are girls by the way, the boys are called drones and just loaf around the hive freeloading).  Since then our naive view of manufacturing cosmetics that conform to regulations has been somewhat realigned, and we have used a like minded retailer of bees wax for our initial supplies until we are in a position to have our own wax tested and certified."


    Calendula infused oil, English peppermint essential oil, Organic soy wax, Organic sunflower oil, Organic jojoba seed oil, Organic cocoa seed butter

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