In order to reduce plastic waste Vivo Life have removed all disposable scoops from their products which is AMAZING!


Each serving can easily be measured using tablespoons, however if you would prefer a compostable scoop set to keep and reuse for your protein powders then this set is perfect!



  • 1 x LARGE scoop (for use with perform)
  • 1 x SMALL scoop (for use with thrive and sustain)

Vivo Life Compostable Scoop Set

  • Vivo Life have now switched to home compostable packaging and you will see this logo on all of the bags! This is an amazing step for the company to take and it's why I'm super happy to be stocking it!


    Before you put in your compost bin think about using these bags as they are SUPER handy for use around the kitchen:

    • Smoothie bag prep - chop up your fruit and freeze in these bags ready to blend and go in the morning
    • Other food storage -  When you need to keep things fresh
    • Sandwhich wrap - These will keep your sarnies fresh all day and keep them from causing a mess in your bag!
    • Snack bags - fill with nuts and fruit slices to take to work with you!
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