These joyful baby plates are so cute! They are the perfect way to get kids eating by bringing dinner time to life with farmyard life! They are made from 100% sustainable bamboo too!



  • Dimensions - L20 x W1 x H18 cm

  • Bamboo


I am so glad we are stocking Sass & Belle! Sass & Belle is a brand I have liked for a while, and now we have some of their best plastic free items for you! Even though, they are not completely plastic free yet, Sass & Belle has been making efforts to cut out plastic right from the supply chain, through to production and even in packaging! This is soo great! It's important to support companies doing this! If all companies made this effort there would be so much less plastic being made and used, even before they all went plastic free! 

Woodland Bamboo Plate - Sass & Belle

  • At Sass & Belle, we love our planet and people as much as our designs. As well as being a globally recognised brand in lovingly designed, trend-led gifts we are also a brand that cares about people and the earth we live on.

    Environmental mission

    We’re on a mission to improve our environmental processes to keep our planet as safe as the parcels you receive, constantly looking for ways to reduce plastic use in our products, packaging and supply chain.

    A thoughtful supply chain

    At Sass & Belle, we strive to maintain and develop long-lasting and trustful relationships with suppliers that are committed to regularly improve their ethical standards. Each product is sourced responsibly and with care from suppliers that comply with our brand values. Our supply chain must adhere to the minimum standards set within the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. 

    Employee care

    All employment at Sass & Belle is freely chosen and we ensure that there is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. As well as proving wages that meet the national legal standard and fair working hours, we make sure to provide the safest and hygienic working conditions and encourage employees to assist with minimising hazards. We of course respect the right of employees lawfully joining trade unions and engage in collective bargaining.

    Standing against child labour 

    Child labour is never considered an option at Sass & Belle and we ensure duties assigned to workers less than 18 years of age shall take into account their young age.

    No to discrimination 

    We do not tolerate discrimination towards hiring, compensation, promotions etc. on the basis of factors including but not limited to race, religion, gender, age and disability. We also take responsibility in ensuring none of our employees are subject to any form of sexual or other harassment, physical or verbal abuse, or any other forms of intimidation.

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