This Zero Waste Kitchen Kit gives you the tools you need to start removing plastic from your kitchen and cleaning routines. Makes an ideal housewarming gift for that plastic free beginning!



  • 1 x 3 pack vegan wax wraps (small, medium and large)
  • 1 x 2 pack cotton UnSponges
  • 1 x Natural Heavy Duty UnSponge
  • 1 x 3 pack small storage bags (20x24cm)
  • 1 x FREE Aluminium storage box

Zero Waste Kitchen Kit Mini - Rowen Stillwater


    Did you know that a lot of cleaning sponges and clothes contain plastic (I know right, wtf!) so whilst you're scrubbing away, little parts of your chosen cleaner are breaking off and going into the water system.


    That means microplastics are potentially going to end up in the ocean, just from you doing some washing up! As soon as I discovered this I switched to a plastic free sponge right away but unfortunately the one I bought came wrapped in plastic (ahhh!).


    That's why I set out to stock an amazing range of cleaning product that are plastic free and from companies that care! Don't forget, nothing will be sent in any plastic packaging either! 

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