send your wands back to me

I recently found out about some AMAZING charities across the world called Wands For Wildlife - they take old mascara wands and use them to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals!

As the mascara wands in the Zao mascaras and all mascaras I've ever come across are plastic, this is an awesome way they can get another use after their intended use, whilst helping animals!

There are a lot of charities from the UK to the USA so I wanted to be a collection point for all old mascara wands so I can contact the companies to see who needs them most and then ship over to them in bulk.

So if you have an old mascara wand then here's what to do:

1// Clean thoroughly with some soap to remove all old mascara

2// Remove the wand from the lid (if using Zao refillable mascara)

3// Send it back to me in plastic free packaging - please try and stick to this, and old envelope or a stabled piece of paper will work!


Beth :) x


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